rotator cuff

Strengthen Your Rotator Cuff

The more I see students come through my classes I am just amazed at how many of them have bad rotator cuffs.  This can really hinder certain exercises.  This really disables them to do yoga, push-ups, plank positions, simple shoulder exercises.  Therefore, causes the students not want to exercise at all.  There are plenty of others things to do to stay fit. But here is a great exercise to help in the rotator cuff area.

Here is a great exercise that will strengthen your rotator cuffs.  I picked up this exercise from a fellow strength coach for baseball players.  You don’t have to play baseball in order to do this exercise.  Everyone uses their rotator cuff almost every day for daily life activities.

Okay, so maybe you don’t fish.  But, you get the point.  It’s not baseball.

So, here it goes.  Take a small dumbbell or say a car well out of the cupboard, only doing one arm at a time.  Stand feet shoulder width apart, hold the dumbbell with the right hand, now lift the right arm straight out in front of you( like you were going to do a front dumbbell raise), now hold it there parallel to the floor, your palm of your hand should be facing the floor, now make sure that your shoulder stays in socket, don’t let it protrudes forward, retract it back and down, good, now draw small circles in one direction, I usually have my class do ten circles one way and then reverse.  Make sure that you breathe and to make sure the circles are not big ones.  Stay within straight out in front not to dip too low or too wide. Focus only the shoulder work.  Keep it close and tight. You should feel these pretty quick.  Now switch and do the other arm.  Depending on where you are, you can squeeze out a couple of sets.

If you have injured your shoulder and only after you have been through therapy, this is a great exercise to keep the maintenance until you feel stronger to increase the weight, never, never go over say 10 lbs, due to the leverage on the weight that is placed on the arm.

If you have never had an injury this is a great preventive exercise.  Got to keep all the stabilizers strong.